Tenerife Dive Sites: Stingrays (Los Chuchos)
Los Gigantes Diving Centre

* Maximum Depth: 12 - 15 meters
* Suitable for: All level of qualified divers
* Travel time from dive centre: 8 minutes

Los Chuchos is the Canarian name for the stingrays. Our most popular dive site, it's thanks to the dedication and patience of dive centre staff back in 1996 that the site was developed. After all these years, it is now so well established that several species of stingrays are attracted and will gently take food from the hand of a diver. Also permanently residing here is a large Barracuda and uncountable numbers of banded bream which are always on the lookout for a free meal.

Sometimes there can be as many as six different species of Ray here, and on occasions, with luck, a rare and elusive Bull Ray might show up. The nature of the site means that large pelagic fish such as Jacks, Tuna and Bluefish are also regularly seen: who knows what may make an appearance.

The stingrays of Los Gigantes have been filmed for TV programmes as well as featured in many magazine articles, both Internationally and in the UK. Some of our customers have named this site Stingray Village, as they put it, “why go all the way to Cayman Brac when you can have the same thrill on Europe’s doorstep”.


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Los Gigantes Diving Centre
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Hand Feeding Stingrays in Tenerife with Los Gigantes Diving Centre

Hand Feeding the Stingrays

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