Tenerife Dive Sites: Atlantis 2 - Los Gigantes Diving Centre

* Maximum Depth: 26 - 32 meters
* Suitable for: Advanced / Sports Diver
* Travel time from dive centre: 3 minutes

Atlantis 2 is a part of the same reef system as Atlantis, and as such, offers similar breathtaking underwater scenery, and abundant fish life. On this reef we drop the anchor into 18 metres and the divers use the anchor line to descend. We follow the reef system to a depth of 32 metres where we can find the “jewel” of this dive, an area of Black Coral which can normally only be found much deeper. We only have a few minutes to look at the coral before we have to ascend to a shallower section of the reef, stopping to look at natural rock amphitheatres and colourful anemones along the way.


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Los Gigantes Diving Centre
Open Monday to Saturday
09:30 to 16:00
Closed Sunday
Telephone: +34 922 860 431
Mobile: +34 637 819 204

Hand Feeding Stingrays in Tenerife with Los Gigantes Diving Centre

Hand Feeding the Stingrays

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