Tenerife Dive Sites: Atlantis - Los Gigantes Diving Centre

* Maximum Depth: 24 - 28 meters
* Suitable for: Advanced / Sports Diver
* Travel time from dive centre: 3 minutes

Atlantis is formed from a triangular platform of volcanic basalt rock. The molten lava has cooled to form multi sided columns, which have fused together to form a real "Giants Causeway" here in Tenerife! Some of the columns have fallen away from the main formation so that it resembles the ruins of an ancient city - hence the dive site name "Atlantis". We anchor the boat on top of the formation in 15 metres, the divers descend the anchor rope, then drop over the sides of the rock formation to around 24 metres, then we explore around the reef. As well as breathtaking scenery, there is a great variety of fish life and red and yellow gorgonias. The area offers outstanding background and is very popular with the underwater photographer.


Diving in Tenerife

Los Gigantes Diving Centre
Open Monday to Saturday
09:30 to 16:00
Closed Sunday
Telephone: +34 922 860 431
Mobile: +34 637 819 204

Hand Feeding Stingrays in Tenerife with Los Gigantes Diving Centre

Hand Feeding the Stingrays

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